Why should you use an insurance broker?

7 May 2024

Why should you use an insurance broker?

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In a world with google, comparison sites and more information on just about everything more accessible than ever, it’s easy to see why bypassing an insurance broker and searching the web for the insurance policy you think is best for you would be a viable option. 

However, searching for policies yourself instead of turning to a professional for help might not be the best decision for you and your assets. We rounded up the top benefits of using an insurance broker….

Policies expertly tailored to your specific needs

Searching the internet for cover and comparisons tends to lend results that can be fairly vague. They will cover for the big issues, fires, floods, robbery etc but they might leave you vulnerable in other areas. Our staff at Vista will work tirelessly to research your business and any specific needs you have, making sure your insurance policies cover all the hidden dangers that might affect your business. Some businesses require specialist brokers, depending on the industry, i.e: energy sector, property and construction industries, that’s because these brokers are qualified to understand the specifics of that industry, something that search engines often miss out. Contact us for more information on specific industries and cover and see how we can help.  

Have all your options lined out in-front of you

As mentioned previously, comparison sites tend to cover the necessities but can leave a lot of hidden dangers out of the policies. They compare prices more than the cover itself. An insurance broker will be able to clearly outline different options for you, comparing risks, prices, premiums, the lot. Having all the information clearly laid out in-front of you can be invaluable when you are weighing up the best option for you and your assets.

Your claims are dealt with by your broker

The world of insurance can get complicated, with various hidden risks and complications etc. Having a broker relieves you of the stress of having to file a claim yourself. They will do as much of the work as possible and, armed with their expertise and background in the industry, are far less likely to have claims rejected than the average customer.

Broker services won’t necessarily break the bank

Finding a quick solution for insurance might feel like the easier option but it isn’t always the cheapest in the long run. Paying a little bit more for an insurance brokers services might be more up-front, but it may be the difference in spending a little to save a lot VS having to spend a lot more money on reviving a business if disaster hits. Insurance brokers will also give various options for cover, leaving it up to you to decide which cover is best for you and your assets.