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Specialists Risks

Vista Insurance offers over two decades of professional experience in the specialist risks sector - an insurance industry segment that’s rapidly-growing, and ever evolving, to meet the challenges of development projects including supply chain issues, and modular construction.

Risk factors can be many, and risk is often high, especially with nontraditional build methods, or complex, non-standard projects. This makes appropriate, and adequate insurance cover more important than ever, and working with a specialist provider vital.

At Vista Insurance, we regularly work with:

  • Local Authorities
  • Investment Funds
  • Property Developers
  • NHS and Foundation Trusts
  • DFE / Universities
  • High Values Schemes
  • Housing Associations

With focus on providing bespoke solutions for schemes involving modular construction, built to rent, residential high value schemes, student accommodation, and mixed use schemes, in partnership with Bopas, Buildoffsite, MPBA, and IPF.

Our specialist risk management team will provide you with intelligent risk management advice, and support, including due diligence reviews that find, and fix gaps in provision, along with skilled claims management that removes the stress from claiming on your policy, should the unexpected happen.

We’ve also forged strategic partnerships with some of the UK’s leading insurers to secure you the best possible cover, and enjoy a range of industry memberships that mean we’re always able to provide up to date advice and insights, no matter what sector your business is in.

Value Added Services: Get the Most From Your Cover

We offer a range of value added service to our commercial insurance clients, including:

Contractual Audits
We’ll help you review your contracts, to fully understand your insurance obligations. If necessary, we can also provide guidance during the bid process.

Policy Briefings
It’s vital that your key personnel, and site management understand how your insurance coverage operates, and how breaching policy conditions or exclusions could impact the business. We’ll help you brief your team, so that everyone’s on the same page.

Funder Due Diligence
Where banks and other investors are involved, we have extensive experience in providing audit reports and compliant cover documentation for everyone involved.

Whether you have an existing portfolio, or are planning a new build, refurbishment, or looking to invest in property, our team has the specialist knowledge and experience to deliver the right insurance solution for your ongoing needs.

As construction industry professionals, we’re proud members of the following associations, and work closely with their members:




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Latent defects insurance can help to cover the cost of repairs or rebuilding if structural damage appears months or years after the practical completion a new-build or conversion project. Latent defects may be caused by a fault in the building’s design or construction, or by faulty materials.

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Companies in the construction and engineering industries often need to provide their clients with performance bonds and other third-party guarantees to ensure contractual obligations are met.

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Our Specialist Risk team can provide advice and coverage for a range of Legal Indemnity requirements.

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Whether you operate an existing property portfolio and are looking at a new build or major refurbishment or a first time investor contemplating the project management of a one-off project you should be considering talking to Vista Specialist Risks team.

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