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Our Approach

At Vista Insurance, we provide independent business insurance advice and support. Our approach is underpinned by a desire to fully understand your needs, and provide insurance cover that’s chosen, and managed, with meticulous attention to detail, so you’re never left without the protection you need.

Whether we are providing our impartial, expert advice to individuals, small businesses, investee companies, private equity investors, or large international clients, our approach remains the same - friendly, pragmatic, and professional.

We begin our work with companies large and small, across a wide range of different industries, by providing an audit and due diligence process, to ensure we have a detailed understanding not only of what’s required, but of what’s already in place. We do this to make sure that our clients only pay an insurance premium that’s proportionate to their level of risk, adequately but not excessively meeting their insurance obligations, to achieve maximum value from any cover.

To help prevent insurance claims, and reduce uninsured losses, we make sure that our clients fully understand the insurance we have recommended - both how it protects them and their business, and how it does not, so where risks are uninsurable or self-insured this is never left unacknowledged.

We also provide extensive risk management support, and ‘remote’ learning capabilities, to provide one-to-one advice and assistance, even out of hours. Our clients expect and deserve no less.

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