Not only could your customers data be at risk, it’s your reputation at stake

3 June 2024

Not only could your customers data be at risk, it’s your reputation at stake

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Why cyber cover matters to every business, small, or bigger than the whole sky

Last week, e-commerce giant Ticketmaster was hit with a huge cyber attack resulting in half a billion customers having their data compromised. 

The notorious hacker group ‘ShinyHunters’ is selling 1.3 terabyte worth of date on an online hacking forum and the data stolen includes sensitive information including customer’s full names, addresses, online ordering history and even payment details.

The number of accounts hacked could cover every single US and UK citizen and more, making this one of the biggest global cyber attacks in history.

This attack took place during one of Ticketmaster’s biggest ticket sales events, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Further news has followed this week that the same hacker group has managed to hack all of Santander’s staff and 30 million customer’s data too, including HR information on staff, full bank card details and account numbers and balances.

These huge-scale attacks prove that even global corporations can still fall short when it comes to protecting their customers and businesses’ with adequate cyber cover. Ransomeware is still one of the fastest growing online crimes in the world and attacks like the above are only getting more common. This is why it’s so important to make sure your business has the right cover in place and give yourself the assurance you need when cyber attacks like this happen and you have protection in place.

Avoid having bad blood with your customers, like ever, and speak now with us today to see how we can help protect your business….. (PS, can you tell this article was written by swifties 😉)    

Image credit: Rosa Rafael (@raphaellovaski) | Unsplash Photo Community