Vista Insurance Services


  • At Vista Insurance, we provide specialist insurance cover for the manufacturing industry, including bespoke multi risk, single, and multi-site solutions.

Many businesses are reliant on supply chain, machinery, customers, and staff, and we will help you find the best cover to suit those needs, making our recommendations of factors including:

  • Political Landscape
  • Health and Safety
  • Marine Transit
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Machinery (fire, flood, and the to breakdown)
  • Product Supply and Recall
  • Property (fire, the, total loss)
  • Supply Chain (people and customers)
  • Cyber Threats

We have significant experience in working with production facilities that operate with manual handling operations, where a risk-managed approach is fundamental to developing effective responsive, and cost effective insurance solutions.

Combined with our years of experience and market knowledge, we can advise on a wide range of risks that you and your employees are exposed to on a daily basis.

We work with manufacturers in unique areas including batteries, plastics, glass, metals, and plant equipment and chemicals and are proud members of both the Glass and Glazing Federation, and the United Kingdom Lubricants Association.