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Employment Charter

Vista aims to be a company where people can achieve their career goals and help them realise their ambition.

We aim to be a company where people not only aspire to work but are also happy and proud to work.

We want to ensure that together, we enable the company and its staff to fly high, for the benefit of our customers.

Here are just some of our commitments to better our employees lives at work:

  • Personal Development - We want to enable our staff to reach their full potential 
  • Social - We want our employees to see beyond the workplace and contribute to the wider community
  • Health & Wellbeing - We want to promote healthy minds and bodies and provide our employees with a safe workplace
  • Remuneration - We are commited to giving our employees fair pay and benefits to enable a good standard of living
  • Respect - We ensure equality and inclusion, irrespective of circumstances 
  • Environment - We are pledged to make positive changes and improve the world around us


To read our full employment charter, see the full brochure using the below

Vista Employment Charter



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