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  • Construction is a dangerous trade, with complex and multiple risk factors to consider when securing insurance that adequately protects your project, team, and your livelihood.

As an award-winning independent insurance broker, we are fully au fait with the traditional insurable exposures companies in this vast sector face and can deliver solutions that minimise your risk transfer costs (insurance) while providing long term balance sheet protection.

We deliver:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Due Diligence services for real-estate development funders and investors
  • Project-specific solutions for Property Developers and associated organisations & professions
  • Detailed risk reviews of an entire annual insurance programme for construction sector companies or a comprehensive Property Owners insurance solution for your finished property or portfolio
  • Specialist covers including tax and legal indemnities, Environmental, Defects, Surety and Credit

Vista has a proven track record of assisting companies at all stages of the construction and real estate insurance life cycle. However, we understand that no business stands still and we are thus acutely aware of the emerging issues facing the sector:

  • Increased regulation
  • Ongoing supply chain complexities
  • Labour supply or staff well-being
  • Cost overrun exposures
  • Net zero and the wider ESG framework
  • The adoption of emerging technology in construction projects – ranging from robotics, augmented reality in planning & design, autonomous vehicles & plant or simply the continued innovation in building materials and modern methods of construction, such as modular builds


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Vista Insurance Services


  • No nonsense practical advice for complex property risks.

Risk factors can be many, and risk is often high, especially with non-traditional build methods, or complex, non-standard projects. This makes appropriate, and adequate insurance cover more important than ever, and working with a specialist provider vital.


Latent defects are hidden or concealed flaws or issues in a product or property that may not be immediately apparent but can later cause problems or failures.

Structural warranty or latent defects insurance (LDI) protects property owners against the costs of physical loss or damage caused by an inherent defect in the design, workmanship or materials in the structure or waterproof envelope of a building.

The structural warranty and LDI market is constantly changing with insurers leaving the market and other new entrants coming in, we have the experience to obtain the best terms for your project. We work with a variety of providers from one simple, straight-forward application form.

Our professional review of quotations will consider not only the overall price, but also the technical subjectives, any financial security requirements as well as look at the underlying insurer strength, all of this will save you money and me. We are also here during the build period, final certificate sign off, defects period and policy term. As a result, we are your first point of call for any technical issues, help with final certificates and any claims that may arise.


We’ll help you review your contracts, to fully understand your insurance obligations. If necessary, we can also provide guidance during the bid process.


It’s vital that your key personnel, and site management understand how your insurance coverage operates, and how breaching policy conditions or exclusions could impact the business. We’ll help you brief your team, so that everyone’s on the same page.


Where banks and other investors are involved, we have extensive experience in providing audit reports and compliant cover documentation for everyone involved.

Whether you have an existing portfolio, or are planning a new build, refurbishment, or looking to invest in property, our team has the specialist knowledge and experience to deliver the right insurance solution.