Ongoing Portfolio Services

We provide the same senior team to lead the ongoing provision of insurance and risk advice as undertook the pre-close diligence. This provides continuity and ensures that the equity investors interests continue to be protected.

Fast Growth and Buy and Build businesses.
As your portfolio company grows they need a broker who understands how to structure a programme that delivers improved value year on year and one that can deal effortlessly and seamlessly with bolt-on acquisitions. In addition as part of our service we will undertake insurance due diligence at no extra cost for all business acquisition targets.

Trouble Free Exit.
We will have continued to manage the insurance programme during the period of your investment, protecting your interests and ensuring that there are no surprise insurance issues that could hit equity value.

We will also assist your disposal process as we can provide “Exit-ready” due diligence reports at no extra cost and obtain pricing and terms for Warranty and Indemnity insurance where you need to provide this.

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