Due Diligence

Due Diligence: We give you our opinion not just our analysis.

Our comprehensive Risk Analysis Reports give you much more than a purely technical analysis of insurance coverage. Our deal experience means we understand what you need to know as investment professionals.

During the due diligence process we will:

  • Quickly identify any “red flag” issues that could impact the deal
  • Give you a clear and concise view of existing protection and future needs
  • Accurately cost current and future insurance spend
  • Provide advice on any additional deal close coverage or transactional risk insurance
  • Our Due Diligence review process is thorough and comprehensive.

During the review process we will:

  • View the financial summaries, major customer contracts, leases and business plans to gain a thorough understanding of the target business its strategies, financial goals and risk exposures
  • Where possible we discuss risk with senior management and if necessary undertake site visits
    Analyse previous loss history and likely future exposures
  • We have the right knowledge and experience.

Vista’s due diligence capabilities are built on strong foundations. Our team has:

  • Chartered Insurance Brokers undertaking all risk assessments
  • More than 35 years combined deal experience
  • Advised on more than 30 transactions in the last two years alone, including businesses with representation in more than a dozen countries.

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