22 July 2020

Protecting your self from plant theft

Protecting your self from plant theft

There is no good time to have your tools, plant or machinery stolen but the ongoing Covid-19 crisis mean that the additional cost, administration and general disruption to your business that a theft incident brings, are especially unwelcome. Unfortunately, the recent lockdown and resulting closure of the majority of construction sites has presented an opportunity for plant thieves to exploit unattended equipment, and whist at the minute the construction industry is cautiously getting back to work, any measures you can take to protect your equipment are worthwhile.

The simplest form of deterrent are physical security items such as cab shields and mechanical locks for construction plant and hitch locks for trailers. While they may not necessarily stop a determined thief, they make your equipment more troublesome and therefore less attractive than completely unprotected equipment. Hand tools are especially theft attractive, where possible make sure these are removed from vehicles overnight, or where not possible consider installing tools safes for additional security.

Tracking systems can also help protect your more valuable items of mobile plant. There is a huge variety of systems available on the market to choose from, and along with most things in life, the devil is in the detail. There are a number of variables that contribute both to the cost of the system but also to its effectiveness in recovering your plant following a theft. Things to look out for include initial upfront cost, monthly subscriptions, the method(s) of signaling and the available aftercare service from the provider.

Lastly, if you are unlucky enough to have a machine stolen, give yourself the best possible chance of recovering the equipment. Plant registration facilities such as the CESAR (Construction and Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration) scheme mean that there is a far better chance of the police being able to identify your stolen machine and return it to than is otherwise the case. Many leading manufacturers (JCB, Takeuchi and John Deere to name just three) include the asset marking technology that works with CESAR as standard, but it can also be retrofitted to any machine.

In summary, plant theft is a real issue that continues to plague the UK construction industry. Vista can help you mitigate these risks meaning less disruption to your projects, a reduced threat to your balance sheet, and ultimately lower insurance premiums. Please contact us on 0161 393 7111 for further info.

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