12 August 2020

Written By Emma Lister

Due to the uncertain times travel insurance has been at the front of people’s minds more than ever recently.

One cause for concern that we see time and time again is the cancelation limits no being checked. Most policies operate a cancellation limit per person per trip and will accommodate for most holidays but if you are planning a trip of a lifetime, honeymoon or a holiday simply above the norm is your cancellation limit enough? Do you know what your cancellation limit is?

Some flights alone will go over your limit without taking into consideration your accommodation. The criteria for cancellation are usually generic but some policies especially in the high net worth space will have caveats.

Usual cancellation terms:

  • The death, serious injury or serious illness to you, any person with whom you are travelling with or had arranged to stay with, an immediate relative or close business colleague of you or the person with whom you are travelling or arranged to stay with.
  • You or any person with whom your had arranged to travel with being summoned for Jury service, subpoenaed as a witness in the court of law, involuntary made redundant from permanent employment and entitled to payment under the current redundancy payments law or compulsory quarantined during the covered trip.
  • Your permanent home within the UK or Channel Islands being rendered inhabitable by storm, fire or flooded up to 14 days before the departure date
  • If the accommodation you are staying at on your trip has suffered major damage rendering inhabitable
  • You having to cancel a trip within 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of departure, as a direct result of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or Department of Health advising against all travel or all but essential travel.

Please note cancellation in relation to Covid is as per the insurers wording, exclusions and usually looked at on a case by case basis at present.

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