09 September 2020

Cyber Post Covid-19

COVID-19 Has changed our lives forever with new work styles, new cybersecurity issues, new proposed policies, personal hygiene and so on. The fight against COVID-19 has not just been for the organisation, employee or customer but a joint effort from everyone. It is also apparent that Post COVID-19, organisations will need to rethink their cyber risk management measures. But as societies recover from the pandemic-fighting posture, we can anticipate some features of the post-COVID-19 business world, may including:

  • Increased and institutionalized remote working.
  • Accelerated migration to cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Growth in functionality and use of online collaborative tools.
  • A rise in e-commerce.
  • Expanded cyber-attack surfaces due to increased tele/remotework.

All of these hold and produce new and dynamic cyber risks that companies should address vie refreshing there cybersecurity policies to address pandemic-triggered IT capabilities, architecture, and processes.

The other large cyber risk that has come about due to covid 19 is that many organisation have chosen to allow employees to use their personal devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, for company business during the pandemic, even though some had prohibitions in place prior to the emergency. Business phone calls were routed to personal mobile phones, email was made available on personal devices, and employees were permitted to access cloud-based applications from personal devices. Organisations should establish a policy, examine or reshape it, and properly document any measures implemented during the pandemic for future reference. They should also consider conducting a full risk assessment and identify enforcement mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and automatic logout from unattended devices.

Though organisations Post COVID-19 pandemic strategy might include downsizing by cutting off business lines considered as non-critical which may include cyber security operations. This short term plan might however prove to be “penny wise and pound foolish” in the long haul, as we may only slowly be taking the first few steps out of the covid 19 threat, the cyber security threat is here for the long run.

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